10 Things to see in Naples

Naples is a city where people speak about but it is impossible to say enough. Contrasts, beautiful landscapes, artistic and cultural treasures, culinary excellences and a charm that captivate you at the first encounter. We have selected for you 10 things that you can’t miss discover them all!

1. National Archaeological Museum. It was inaugurated in 1816 and today is one of the most important museum existing. It was built by the King Ferdinand IV and today it saves works that attract tourists from all over the world. Among the most famous there is the Farnese Collection, thediscoveries of the ruins of Pompeii (including those saved in the secret cabinet that collects the erotic art elements of Pompeii and Herculaneum), the discoveries of the Greek-Roman age, the Egyptian and Etruscan antiquities from the Borgia collection and the ancient coins from the Santangelo collection.

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2. Veiled Christ It is one of the most important sculpture of all the times, It is admired by travellers and tourists since the 18th century. For someone, it is the symbol of Naples. Created by the Neapolitan Giuseppe Sanmartino, it has been the subject of many legends that are tried to interpret the nature of the veil: today there are studies that scientifically demonstrate that the work is entirely in mark and it is obtained from a single block of stone.

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3. Sant’Elmo Castle An impressive medieval castle at the top of the Vomero district dominates the entire city: in fact, due to its size and location, in ancient times it was a coveted place. Today it is a permanent museum and place for contemporary exhibitions and cultural events.

Castel Sant'Elmo Citykey Napoli


4. Royal Palace. To commission this incredible work was, during the Spanish viceroyalty of the '600, the viceroy Fernando Ruiz de Castro Count of Lemos in honor of the King of Spain Philip III of Habsburg, who would soon visit the city of Naples. The palace was started by the architect Domenico Fontana, who delivered it, although not totally completed, after two years. Unfortunately the King of Spain postponed his visit and would no longer arrive in Naples. During the years, the construction and the restoration of the palace was attended by artists like Gaetano Genovese, Luigi Vanvitelli, Ferdinando Sanfelice and Francesco Antonio Picchiatti.

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5. Piazza del Plebiscito. It is the square symbol of the city of Naples, the biggest in the city and one of the major Italian squares. It is located in the historical centre of Naples and is overlooked by the palaces such as the Basilica of San Francesco di Paola, the Royal Palace, the Prefecture Building and the Salerno Building. Today it is completely pedestrian and it hosts some of the most important cultural and artistic events in the city.

Piazza del Plebiscito Citykey Napoli


6. Capodimonte. It is the name of a district of Naples, it is known to everybody because it hosts the namesake Royal Palace and the forest. The Capodimonte Palace is a royal palace located in a beautiful park, which was the historical residence of the Bourbons, the Bonapartes and the Savoys. Inside the Royal Palace, in 1957 the Capodimonte Museum was inaugurated. Today it attracts millions of tourists for its collection of paintings.

capodimonte Citykey Napoli


7. Castel dell’Ovo. It is one of the oldest in the city and it is the most visible from the sea as it stands on a tufa islet called Megaride islet. The name of the castle derives from an ancient legend telling Virgil hid an egg inside the fortress, its break would have caused inevitable disasters to the city and to the population. Today it is a place to exhibitions and cultural events. Particularly known and loved by Neapolitans and tourists is the Borgo Marinari which surrounds the castle with its ancient charm and its fish restaurants.

Castel Dell'Ovo Citykey Napoli

8. Pompei and Herculaneum. There are those who say that at least once in their life, you must visit Pompeii and Herculaneum. The two cities were buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.C. and today the two archaeological sites have brought to light the splendor of life in ancient Rome over 2000 years ago.


9. Spaccanapoli. Its official name is Interior Decuman but it is commonly called Spaccanapoli as it divides the city in two parts. Together with the Decumano Maggiore and the Decumano Superiore, it represents one of the three streets of the city planning structure of Naples built during the Greek era. Today it is a street in constant activity and movement, a destination for tourists but also for the residents of the city. A walk through Spaccanapoli offers a taste of the cheerfulness vivacity and joy of Naples.

Spaccanapoli Citykey Napoli

10. Posillipo. Naples is a city that fascinates for its art and conquers for its views. For this reason Posillipo hill quarter always deserves a visit. Hidden villas in the green nature, rocks overlooking the sea, places from which it is possible to admire the profile of the city overlooking in front to the islands and finally Marechiaro village where you can be seduced by the scents and flavours of the romantic restaurants.

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Here is our list of 10 Things to see in Naples. Come and visit us and we will offer you all the advices that you need!

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